Printer's Choice

A comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) is a tool for the entire staff of a printing company. And in today's ever-changing market, with shrinking margins and increased demands, the modern printer needs MIS software that is much more than an "overgrown calculator".


Printer’s Choice is a seamless, tightly integrated solution which is also highly configurable; one that allows you to run a profitable business, where your hard-earned knowledge combines with old-style industry know-how and proven up-to-the-minute systems.



Printer's Choice features include:

  • Drill-down functionality

  • Real time information sharing with all authorised users (including customers)

  • The ability to save your own modified templates to minimize overrides and ensure consistent quoting

  • Evaluation of all feasible choices to ensure the most economical way to do the job

  • Guaranteed transparency of the database for data analysis by management 

  • Fully customisable security for all aspects of operation

  • Link appointments to MS Outlook

  • File attachments

Printer's Choice provides a solution that encompasses all these attributes and much, much more. Designed for sheet-fed, digital, web, brokers, print management, pre-press and finishing houses, you can build your own software package depending on your level of requirement, from a single press operation to an extensive printing empire. The system is modular, and a try before you buy option is available.

Printer's Choice is 100% Australian-produced, continually enhanced and supported by committed professionals -- specialists in their fields from both IT and printing industries. The Printer's Choice team will provide you with all the training and support you need for successful implementation, and you will receive system upgrades on a regular basis.

Printer's Choice is designed for the shortest learning time possible; the system is comprehensive, yet flexible and easy to use. You can expect improved productivity and therefore increased profits by one-time input of data; this dramatically decreases the chance for error and reduces administrative costs.

Printer's Choice will address every facet of the management of your print business.



Printer's Choice specifications are:


Written in Clarion for Windows, a Rapid Application Development software tool designed specifically for Windows applications

Fully multi user, 32 bit, requiring Win 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 8

Most components of the software can be used as stand alone modules

You only need to pay for the modules that you need

Number of records, eg quotes and jobs, limited only by the hard disk size

Email of all reports built in

Try for 30 days before you buy option



Available modules for Printer's Choice are:

Base module: Setup options, security, customers, suppliers and contacts data base

Quoting: Papers, inks, film, plates and machines data base, departments

Request for Quote

Job management including delivery and invoicing

Shop floor data collection

Employee times including timesheets and actuals



Customer accounts receivable

Supplier accounts payable

General Ledger

Cash book

Print Management Stock control and purchasing

Die registry

Export invoices



BAS Reports

Gross Profit

Stock Control

Delivery Calculator