PC Touch

Shop floor management is now even easier with the use of Touch Screens for your staff to enter the starting and ending time of all daily operations. Linked directly to Printer's Choice, electronic time sheets are automatically generated and updated throughout the working day for every employee. Jobs status updates are also automatic so you can inform your customer at any time what operation has just been completed.


There are no separate scan code sheets to keep updated and no keying is required. Select the data directly on the screen by just touching it. Barcodes can be used for entering job numbers directly from the job bags. Normal screens using a mouse can also be used for entering data.


Operational areas can be created with only the operations they require to make selection by your staff even easier. Three modes are available: training assisted mode, normal operation, and advanced operation (for experienced users).


With the ease of operation and accuracy of this method of job management, you will quickly gain the best understanding of where

your job costs are actually being generated.